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  • Olga

Autum Painting

Did you feel that this morning? Autumn is peaking its way into our mornings. It makes me long to drink my cup of coffee on my porch this morning. After an unusually hot summer, we deserve the cool weather ahead. The long-awaited crisp weather brings to mind magical fun autumn memories of pumpkin mazes, long Sunday drives to enjoy the changing colors of the trees.

It also reminds me of the importance of making sure our home is ready for the colder months ahead of us. Checking our home exterior for chipped paint and gaps is one of those items to add to my Cold Weather Checklist.

As you’ve spent time outside of your home this summer, have you noticed cracking or peeling old paint? Perhaps there are growing gaps between your trim and siding? The painting will also prevent excess moisture from seeping into your home’s exterior which can wreak havoc on your exterior. New paint guards and preserves your home’s exterior surfaces while adding curb appeal.

You may think that autumn is too late to get your home exterior painted. Not true! It’s perfect weather to paint your home! The high temperatures during the summer months can cause paint to dry unevenly and thus leaving a less than professional-looking final product. Utah's fall weather of low 50s and high 70s is ideal for exterior painting. Our painters tell us the cool air allows them to get the job done without the sun draining their energy during the summer.

If you’ve been putting off that exterior paint project, one last reason why painting this fall is perfect timing for your project is availability. The majority of homeowners chose Spring and Summer to get paint projects completed. This push for warmer weather project completion results in difficulty in scheduling your favorite painter. For paint companies like our own, autumn is a period of low demand which means more flexibility in scheduling. We are able to offer autumn discounts and more favorable availability.

Don’t hesitate to shield your home from the cold and snow to come.

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